History of African Chinese relationship

by Najar.

What we say is that china were always our friends, and friends of the Swahili. In our clothing, the Swahili traded gold and ivory to china, while we got the finest silks and porcelain…. They used the monsoon winds to travel back and forth. The mileage between Africa and India is not as far as the European has told us… eg, Lamu to Sa’naa (Yemen) is 2,100 kilometers or 1336 miles….. do a check on America distances….
Mombasa to China is 8,019 kilometers, while Mombasa to Dakar is 8,729.4 km)

The truth is often hidden in lies. It was shorter and faster to travel to China by boat, than it was to travel overland to West Africa…..
This is why when we go and look at our ruins on the East African Coast we find porcelain cutlery, tiled masjids and bathrooms, hot water tiled bath halls…. etc.

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