How Ghana’s Maker-Movement is driving young innovators

There’s an innovative storm brewing in Ghana – and, it’s about to make a great impact in the lives of young innovators.

This week, Pan-African journalist Lee Kasumba stops by Kumasi Hive to find out how maker start-ups are planning to use technology to solve the world’s problems.

What started out as a community of makers, innovators and entrepreneurs has quickly grown into the biggest Maker Movement in Ghana.

Heading this movement is Kumasi Hive – a tech innovation hub that supports entrepreneurs in the process of rapidly prototyping their ideas, developing product solutions for critical challenges and, providing support.

It’s important for them because the students acquire skills that make them employable.

— Jorge Appiah, Chief Executive Officer at Kumasi Hive

One of the challenge faced by 2% of Ghana’s high schools – was access to laboratories and the various resources required for practicing science.

To address this particular challenge, one of the start-ups in Kumasi Hive’s network has developed an innovative product called the Science Lab in a Box – which is a low-cost mobile lab for students.

It enables Africans to partake in the creation of solutions and knowledge.

— Jorge Appiah, Chief Executive Officer at Kumasi Hive

By providing this makerspace for young entrepreneurs, Kumasi Hive is bridging the gap between good engineering that aims to solve critical problems within Africa and, the world.

click below to watch Lee’s full interview with Jorge Appiah…


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