South African Musician Extraordinaire, Abigail!

Whether it’s singing, playing at the keyboard, teaching, or just goofing around, it’s hard not to be affected by Abigail!

South African, Pedi born, Abigail, (Abilicious) Seduma, is an accomplished, multi-instrument musician.  Her passion is her music and she feels it is a blessing from the God.  Music allows her to express her inner self as well as to give pleasure to others so that they too can express themselves.  From time to time, she blesses her church congregation with a heartfelt rendition of her latest composition, as her nimble fingers deftly caresses the keyboard.

Watching this gifted beauty transports you on a musical journey.  She plays by ear and will quickly tune you into the correct cord to accompany even the most challenging soloist.

It is no wonder then that she has also dedicated herself to sharing her passion for music with young people.      She teaches the keyboard, recorder and conducts choirs.  Her students excitedly await each class because Abigail makes it seem so easy.  She believes that she can bring out the musical talent in each child.

In her quiet time, Abigail immerses herself in her favourite book, the Bible.  Unsurprisingly, she loves listening to music and composing her own.

One thing is for sure, Abigail is grooming another generation of gifted talent like hers, no

child left behind.


Fun Facts About Abigail :

What makes me laugh My son’s jokes
Pet peeves Two faced people
I look like My mom
Favourite singer Ntokozo Mbambo
Favourite Footballer I don’t watch soccer.  I don’t understand it

More on Abigail, check her Instagram page


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