By Tokunbo

Africa is a vast land. It’s geographical size expands over 30 million square kilometers and it is the second largest continent in the world.

A land full of diversity and dramatic beauty; with each country contributing its own unique topography. I feel that we Africans take this beauty for granted while visitors come from afar to take in the boundless and awesome creations, with many never returning to their places of birth.


Mainstream media has steadfastly associated Africa with war, disease, famine and strife, the result of which is that economic and social factors have combined and afflicted the continent. This condition making it a breeding ground for the worst yet HIV onslaught of the world. Despite being rich in minerals and other natural endowments,  Africans are some of the poorest people in the world. In many African countries the GDP/capita is less than US$200 per year. even after 50 years of independence from colonial rule, many Africans tend to be to worse off economically than they were during colonialism. Africans, it would appear, seem to have this immense potential to self-destruct with the continent being viewed as a trail of missed opportunities.

Critical thinking and research can tell us a lot about how we got to this state of apathy. Renewed knowledge of who we truly are will lift the spirits and psyche of our people. We are slowly changing the narrative of our history and outlook as was previously recorded by our colonial conquerors. In the words of the great Bob Marley, we must “emancipate ourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds”.

It is time we rise and start teaching our children, for the sake of our posterity, to look at our Africa differently and own that African pride. Your Africa! My Africa! Our story! Chai!


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